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  1. josueafkaa

    New call blocker does not always work (Redmi note 7)

    the call blocker is not blocking some numbers, and there is no way for me to always do the number goes through the block. send from redmi note 7
  2. josueafkaa

    New error report appears when trying to change WhatsApp photo

    when I'm trying to change my WhatsApp profile picture an error report appears, I don't know this is a system error, something conflicting or an application error. I found that the application only displays this error message with a photo that was edited in the gallery application itself, the...
  3. josueafkaa

    wrong information in the notification area

    the date is 04/05 but in the notification area the information is wrong, the day and the date are wrong, only the time and the weather are correct. sent from redmi note 7
  4. josueafkaa

    notifications without information

    some notifications are missing the content, spinning everything white, after a while the bug passes, but it happens from time to time sent from redmi note 7
  5. josueafkaa

    Bug na barra de status / área de notificação

    for some reason the notification area above was duplicated, I restarted the device and returned to normal, I came here just to report what happened sent from redmi note 7
  6. josueafkaa

    Invalid text boxes with nothing showing up

    the text boxes do not appear anything written when they have the dark mode activated, when I turn off the dark mode the text boxes show what should be written, this bug has been around for a while, it's nothing new in that version. global dark mode is disabled, the bug refers to standard dark...
  7. josueafkaa

    slow download speed in the background

    when I am downloading something from the play store, browser or game, the download speed is very slow, in the background it is ~ 200kbps and when I am inside the application it is above ~ 700kbps, before it was not like that, there was a small more fall was not that aggressive. *sent from redmi...