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    New 9.10.24 Mi9 8/128 mirroring

    Hello, When mirroring only show partly on TV screen. I have mi6 and works perfectly
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    Mi9 8/128 9.10.17 side glow when screen off

    Hello, Since i done in Mi9 8/128 clean flash of miui11 i got side neon glow stripes when screen is off. Its really amazing if that work whe notifications Led work.. But this hás own life.. And at night its really annoying. Someone know where i can adjust this? Or turn off? Thanks
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    Hi all, Someone allready have this rom? For me this was the best update ever! The battery lasts very mutch time in xiaomi mi9! Why i allready have and there is no public update? I want this update in mine mi6! Nuno S.
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    Bootloop everytime i flash rom

    Hello everyone I have an xiaomi mi 6 ceramic and is running miui 10 8.7.5 global beta, twrp and supersu. I purchased global edition. Every time i try flash whit any rom from i got bootloop. I want so bad run this roms but cant install. All my steps are Twrp Install Restart. And...