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    Can I remove SIM from Mi 11 during the 168-hour wait period for unlocking the bootloader?

    I just got a Mi 11 and just started the 1-week (168-hour) wait period before I can unlock the bootloader. However, do I need to keep my SIM inside the Mi 11 during this wait period? Or can I take out my SIM and put it in my old phone so I can continue using my old phone until the wait period is...
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    New Can't Download MMS msg in MIUI 11 / Android 10 when mobile data is off

    After installing MIUI 11 which also installed Android 10, I can't download MMS text messages when my mobile data is off. Before, the update, my phone would know how to temporarily turn on mobile data automatically if it was off, download the MMS, and then turn off mobile data. When I try to...
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    New Contact birthday date shows the wrong date (1 day earlier)

    In the Contacts app, if I add a birthday for a contact without the year, the birthday displays as the day before the day I entered. For example: I enter January 2 as the birthday. After I save the change, the birthday displayed reads January 1st. Similarly, if I enter January 1, the...
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    MIUI's Updater app doesn't detect the latest update. It says "You already up to date"

    I have a Mi 8 with ROM 8.9.13. In the MIUI updater app, I press the "Check" button to look for the latest update. However, the app does not download the latest update and just says "You already up to date". There are several newer updates after 8.9.13 which I have such as 8.9.20, 8.9.24, and the...
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    Can I skip a ROM update and flash the latest version? or should I install all ROM updates in order?

    I have a Mi 8 with the Beta ROM 8.9.13. Is it safe jump to the latest update which is 8.10.11 and skip the updates that were in between such as 8.9.20 and 8.9.24? Or should I install 8.9.20, then 8.9.24, and then finally 9.10.11?
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    Can I flash latest ROM as an update without losing data?

    When I use the MIUI updater app on my phone it tells me I'm already up to date even though I have version MIUI 8.8.24 for Mi 8 and the latest version should be 8.9.24 for Mi 8. If I download the latest ROM and flash it using TWRP will I lose my data (like my photos, installed apps, settings...
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    Can I use Mi 8 SE ROM on Mi 8?

    In the latest weekly Beta link there is no ROM for the Mi 8, there is only a ROM for Mi 8 SE as you can see here: In the previous weekly Beta ROM link there were two Mi 8 ROMs (one was Mi 8 and the other was Mi 8 SE) as you can see here...
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    What are your dark theme recommendations for MIUI 10?

    My favorite one so far is DARCO