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  1. neohazuki

    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 3.3.8 v5 - BETA DEV BUILD

    can help in translate to Portuguese Brazilliam? the reason is that the project is traduacao Brazilian flies, utterly thrown away, and the guys do not have the competence to provide (something open) for everyone. I'm trying to help here because I'm tired of waiting.
  2. neohazuki

    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 2.12.7 [ICS & JB]

    Have to revoke their license .... they do not translate well when translating and comes with mistakes and not correct, we are working on open source code which is a traducao volunteer work they can not do that .... It annoys me if you need a team to get the translation of 0,'m disposition for...
  3. neohazuki

    MULTI MIUI Multi Lang 2.12.7 [ICS & JB]

    brazilliam removed?
  4. neohazuki

    1.12.23 - ScreenApplication view isues

    Is the problem with launcher was even more weird is that it was just touching the screen turns on again, I thought it was an alignment problem .... I changed the launcher and the problem went away. Sorry I reported a bug (launcher), no bug (system). Hugs, cya"
  5. neohazuki

    Market freeze and reboot phone

    I reported on last version, but I have no problems with market apparently was a problem in flash ..... Try reinstalling the flash player and see if it helps, I'm at 23 and not have problems ... Hugs! cya "
  6. neohazuki

    1.12.23 - ScreenApplication view isues

    Hello all. Look at me here again to bring some things I noticed wrong with the version I'm using the trial version is not the End User and then feel obliged to send bug information to help better resolution of the problem. The photos are below, this happens when I turn the screen in...
  7. neohazuki

    Statusbar is grey at lockscreen, but normal at homescreen.

    Hi! Perhaps the one who made ​​the lock screen is different from who made ​​the other relatively screens, and therefore used a different color. My normal screen goes black and gray on the lock screen!!! cya"
  8. neohazuki

    1.12.23 - Market view isues

    Hello everybody, I'm here to comment on a problem in the new version 1.12.23 This version is causing some interference in the use of the market, unfortunately have not seen how to put the data reset the device to navigate the market. phone: SSG2 If you have a better way to talk about...