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    [1.6.3][HD2] FC in Opening Setting

    As mention above, also FC in Theme. Back again to 1.5.27 thanks
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    What is the Anti Stranger Mode??

    can anybody explain What is anti-stranger mode?
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    [BUG] Can't Reseting Traffic Details

    MiUi:1.5.20 Cant reset traffic Details. when you reset it its become 0 for a while. exit and wait a little time or download something go back and you will see old traffic details. when you downloading theme. go and check download program click on menu you will see an option says use WiFi to...
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    After call end the log will displayed into fragmented text, see the pic ROM 1.5.13 +English+Arabic Fix
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    [REQ] to improve MIUI for next release.

    I would like to request developer to implement a new option which is not available to other ROMS, which in turn will increase popularity of MIUI ROM. is it possible to stop some of "junck" programs from running in boot time. such as TALK,CLOCK, VOICE DAILAR,gmail, mail, I do not use them...
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    Market Issue

    if I go to market then select application, click on just in, a FC occurred.