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    Xiaomi Redmi 1w - Mtk 6589t - Miui 5.11.12 - Red Kat 2

    Hi all. My new ROM RED KAT 2 based on MIUI V7 is born 1. Fixed Bluetooth bug -improved Mi Band stability - no more disconnecting - notification works - Mi Band vibration - connecting with all BT car audio - AV system - synchronize Phonebook ,voice call ... same way as old MIUI V5 2. MSC mode...
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    [rom] Emui V 3.0 B261 Multi Langagues Wcdma

    Hi people. I wish you present a nice MIUI V6 alternative. This ROM comes from Huawei 3C and source is mobile uncle forum Changelog from original Cn version: 1. Default langague is set to English 2. Added Huawei Swype keyboard.On originaly ported ROM no keyboard pressent. 3. Added AOSP web...
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    [rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

    Hi all people. My new custom ROM for REDMI 1W China Unicom WCDMA has been relased. This ROM is a updated ROM of my previous ROMs REDMI Experience and Unique . As base ROM is used for now latest multilangaue version of DEV ROM xiaomi.eu_multi_HM2013023_5.5.8_v6-4.4 After voting of my forum...
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    Tapatalk support?

    Tomorow try to check forum with tapatalk. I got this error.
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    [ROM]Xiaomi Hongmi(Red Rice) - REDMI Unique (MIUI5,Stable 16, 3G on both cards)

    Hi all. Mi new ROM is Born. Its based on Binbische Port 4.8.1 and Stable 16 with my fixes ROM is only for MTK based REDMI. Not REDMI 1s 1. All 4 cores works. With Perfomace mode and CPU Power saving mode disabled Antutu score cca 17000. MTK Tweak set to Maximum gaming perfomace, Ram to 1 GB...
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    FIX for USB connection on Stable 13

    Hi all. I have fixed Settings.apk . USB connectiom mode works with USB cable connected. Works on multi roms. Download 21 MB!MxFHwCba!NehT1tavNe7Y8AFm0VTUUkS1vKsb9o2ykATz2rE1v-M Restore old settings.apk...
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    [REQ.] 4 way REBOOT menu Hongmi

    Hi. Pleas can you creat mod like this Thx for repply :) I have tried making this menu, after flash reboot menu not working
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    Custom ROM based on Stable 13 - Redmi Experience WCDMA Final Edition ®

    Hi all. I have created my first custom ROM for my Hongmi/RED Rice WCDMA phone. I will share my work with you My ROM is based on Stable 13 (older version 5) and tested from users Added ROOT rights - integrated in MIUI Security Deodex Gravity BOX -...