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    strange icons

    Well report this problem that happened to me, but apparently it is not legal to report the bugs that occur to you because it was deleted and I did not understand very well why so I came here to see if you can tell me more in detail how to solve this I would appreciate it a lot What happens is...
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    The problem is that in the last updates I have noticed a big drop in battery performance before I could use the phone for about 7 or 8 hours but with the updates it barely reaches 4 or 5 hours and I don't know why and I tried to deactivate everything that I don't occupy, uninstall almost all my...
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    Invalid show memory status

    This more than an error is more aesthetic what happens is that activating the "show memory status" puts GBB instead of GB In the Spanish language america (Sure they will give it as invalid) Sent from Redmi Note 7