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    New Screen recording apps control center landscape bug

    1. First of all, I have tried the default screen recording app and other screen recording apps. 2. Even tried before and after installing magisk. 3. Tried the old and new control center. And all of them gives the same result. Bug: When I pull down the control center, the LANDSCAPED app...
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    New Facebook PDF downloads save location

    Hi. The other day I was still using MIUI Global and was downloading some pdfs from Facebook and it was somewhat working fine. I could open them but could not see the file. I could make a workaround by opening it and going to Print-Save as pdf. Yesterday I installed, now I tried...
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    New MIUI 12 Gestures switching app stutter.

    Does everyone have the stuttering or laggy scaling when switching apps through this method. It is most noticeable if you look at the top portion. You can clearly see the app's screen move upwards slightly. First video is not mine. Just got from reddit. Heres examples...