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    Requested feature: revoque app permissions

    In cyanogen, in the app details screen where you can see the permissions an app has requested, you can tap the permission description to disable them. Enviado desde mi MB525 usando Tapatalk
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    Requested Feature continuous bright adjust

    I was playing with brightness adjusts. I realized that since the default is 4 steps of brightness, it can be configured many more. I configured a very low bright for using the phone in total darkness, and 2 degrees more that I uses in different situations. But, there are 256 levels of...
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    Requested Feature call-recording

    The call screen let's you to create voice notes, but it does not recor the other side sound. There are some programs that claims that can record phone calls. It would be usefull to have this option integrated in the call screen. It also may be usefull to have a global configuration like...
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    ring, alarm and notification tone lost on every boot

    I noted this problem in various versions of miui, including the actual one. Mi phone is a Motorola Defy. To ensure it is not a config problem, I wipped all, then I installed lastest miui (stable 2.3.4a). For ensuring it is not SD card problem, I changed the SD card before starting miui. Then...