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    New GPS issue on Mi8 EE

    Hi I hope this is the right section for my problem it might a bug or something else I'm not sure. My phone on MIUI 20.07.2 but I having this issue for at least 3 weeks. After rebooting my GPS getting location for a few seconds best 8 fixes with 32 satellites and than nothing... Some times...
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    Invalid Battery Saving Bug

    Fixed it this morning it wasn't the power saving mode.... It was the extreme mode which was turned on you can find it under WiFi additional settings WiFi speed mode their you may have selected extreme mode which acts also by killing background apps etc...
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    Invalid Battery Saving Bug

    I'm also can't disable the energy saving mode it stays always on after restart after update after going to Ultra power saving mode... But is shown as disabled in settings but battery indicator stays orange... But no apps crashing :/ Hope somebody have an idea Problem is on mix 3 Greetings