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    New 5x zoom (upper camera) not working on Mi Note 10 Pro (MIUI 12 Stable)

    On Mi Note 10 Pro, MIUI 12 Stable (12.0.1) the upper camera (5x zoom) is not working with stock camera app. The button to choose the camera is missing, only 0,6, 1 and 2x are there (see screenshot). Also when you zoom in manual it is not using the upper camera (checked with a paper in front of...
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    DND mode in MIUI

    As I know from stock Android, it is possible to select Apps that are allowed to notify you, even when you are in DND mode. Is that possible in MIUI (12), too? Can't find the option...
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    Mi 10 / Pro Global only Single SIM

    I waited for the new Mi 10 Pro and now the big disappointment: Both versions, Mi10 and Mi10 Pro Global Version are only Single SIM! No DualSim support. What does Xiaomi think when they decide this? Not only nearly 300€ more expesive then in China, it is also a worse phone... You can look on...
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    EU Gateway & China Sensors

    I have the chinese gateway with door an temperature sensors for example. I saw, that these are now also on EU server. So, I bought an MI Home EU-Gateway. I could add Door-sensors to the gateway, but when I select the temperature-sensors, I get the message that they are not supported by my...
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    European Gateway with China only devices

    At the moment, I have an chinese gateway with MI Door sensors but also with fire detectors.. As I know, these fire detectors are not sold in Europe, so can I use them with an european gateway? I'm thinking about buying an european gateway to be able to use EU server...
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    Invalid Bug in rom release description (every week)

    I found that there are many things under "Our ROMs features (Whats not in Global)" what is not true (any longer), but it is repeated every week. The following points listed are already in the global rom (perhaps I forgot some points because I don't know all): Enabled search gesture (swipe up)...
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    Mi Home gateway no sound / alarm

    I have two Mi Home Gateways, both configured independently from each other in different networks / locations / Mi Accounts. Both worked without any problem, but sice a few weeks both have one problem. Normally when you turn on /off alarm, there is a sound. Now this works not always any more...
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    Volte In 4g Only Mode

    I have Mix 2 with latest Stable rom. VoLTE is working in Germany with o2. When I set network preferece to 4G only (over *#*#4636#*#*), VoLTE stopps working. Is this normal or is it a bug?
  9. P Stable Ota Update??

    I have stable on Mi Note Pro (leo). Got notification that an OTA update is available (ca. 50MB). I wonder because normaly roms OTA should be full file size and is not yet available to download here. Should I do the update or is there a bug that it wants to...
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    New Mi5s Incoming Calls Get Drop After A Few Seconds

    I have got a Mi5s with rom. Sice I have the phone, I always updated to the new developer version. My proplem is, that incoming calls are working, but sometimes (not always), the call is hang up after a few seconds. This happened on all versions till now. Anybody else having this issue?
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    New 6.12.15 Mi Cloud Bug

    MI Cloud settings do not open (tested German and English, Redmi Note 3 SE Kate). Somebody else has this Bug?
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    Mobile Data While Calling Bug

    I use dualsim on my RMN3 Pro (Snapdragon). SIM2 is for mobile data. When I do a call on SIM1, mobile data on SIM2 is not availible. Is that normal or is that a bug?
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    Mi Note Pro supports VoLTE and Telekom Deutschland too now. But it must be activated by them for each customer. So I called them, they wanted to know which phone I am using... Told them the truth and they said altough my phone supports it, it doesn't work in Germany with Telekom... Is that true...
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    New Netflix On 6.1.7 An 7.1 Stable

    Netflix doesn't work on Note Pro and MI4c with Version 6.1.7 an Stable 7.1 (only loading with error -9), on original chinese MIUI 6.1.7 and 7.1 stable everything is fine. So the problem is not in MIUI but in your rom. Can you fix it? 6.1.7 not that important, but on a stable version...
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    Volte Causes Slow Mobile Data

    I've found a bug, but not related to our phone, I read that also I-Phones for example have this issue. In the newest version (5.12.11) VoLTE is activated by default. This causes in Germany on T-Mobile slow mobile download speed! Don't know why, but when you disable it...
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    Mi Note Pro Bugs In 5.11.12

    I have sometimes (2 times until now) a battery drain, the device becomes hot and the mobile reception doesn't work correct. That means sometimes normal reception, then only emergency calls, then no sim over and over (both simcards) Until I restart the phone, then everything is normal, again...