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    Antutu Battery Benchmark Score

    I just got a brand new Note 2 and I'm kinda worried about the battery since it's an old stock. It 9200 points OK?
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    Looking For Stock Recovery For Mi5

    I've flashed TWRP but don't have stock recovery file and I want to revert it now. Please share the original recovery. I'm using MIUI china but I might try global recovery too maybe it will work.
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    Please Share Icons (theme)

    Could SB upload MIUI 9 icon pack?
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    Is There A Way To Check If My Mi 5 Bootloader Was Ever Unlocked?

    I got my Mi 5 from a European (unofficial of course) retail because it was discounted and cost the same as on **********. He gave a warranty for it and it had global rom installed. I want to install the Chinese rom, I don't like global one since I use English anyway and don't need additional...
  5. B Search App .apk File

    I'm using global rom on my Mi5 and I'm missing MIUI search a lot after moving from China rom, I saw on friend's cell that the app is present and even translated on rom, could SB give me that file? I've already tried installing Chinese search and it worked :) only drawback is that it...
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    Need Player Working With Miui Lock Screen Player Widget

    I have official MIUI v6 beta and hate a new music player so I installed walkman but it doesn't work with lock screen player (I have miui v5 locker skin) and old MIUI v5 music palyer doesn't work at all on v6, only oooooold MIUI v4 player is working fine and supports lockscreen player but it's...