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    Mi9T Pro/K20 Pro Some fixes not getting apply

    Hey. So I am using Mi9T Pro, on the latest weekly build, must say that all is working great but there are things must getting a fix soon some of them I wrote in the past and still not getting enough attention. First is the Camera audio bitrate : must apply the fix to start recorded video on...
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    Lock Screen Notification FB App

    Hey. does anyone know why FB app is shown on the lock screen also on status bar scroll like the half of notification? thnx for help .
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    New Games Service.

    Hey. I am using 9.11.7, anyone face problem to connect game services like Zynga ?
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    New System Fonts [9.10.31].

    Hey All. what is going on with fonts on the system ? why fonts do not apply to the whole system language, on English, it applies to the whole system and the language it's just not? lock screen clock is not changed even if you replace it was work fine on Miui 10.4.6 ? it's like some languages...
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    Hey. some for a week with this build, realiy great and the best so far. as for an option does anyone know-how is the font permission works? as I change font its apllay only for the English language and the whole system, iam using HEB language and when I switch font only English is a switch ...
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    Boosted Volume.

    Hey. Does any one know how to make this option to start as defult. Thnx for help .
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    System Fonts.

    Hey . Just wanna ask if anyone have idea how to apply the system font in to the hole system language . From my experience in the past it related to the font premmision Rw-r-r but i cant change font premmision So when i apply font it only effected on english and all the rest stay as defult font...
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    Miui Stable 10.4.4

    Hey. I am using Stable 10.4.4 is anyone face some bug when wakeup the phone from brightness DIMM and then back to normal? and it's so random I must say.
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    Mi9T Pro EU.

    Hey all . first I am kinda noob that switch from Samsung to Xiaomi, I think they're great. I like to ask a few things before I go for any experience: 1.i bought MI9T Pro from Spain, when I start using it I saw it came with google dialer and contacts which I don't like at all, so is there any...