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    Xiaomi mi 10 ultra (cas)

    Hello, what is the latest stable rom for xiaomi mi 10 ultra (cas) can't find it the forum ? also, can i flash the zip via twrp on the top of my 12.1.1 rom installed. thanks for your help
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    Miui Battery Charging Issue

    Hello, i have a bug while charging my battery on the Mi 10 Ultra, i'm on the Miui 12.1.1. when i plug the charger its connect and disconnect infinitely without charging. but when i switch off the phone and plug it, its charge normally until 100%, so i guess its a software issue. can someone...
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    eSim / Virtual Sim

    Hello, Are the Miui 12.5 (xiaomi mi 10 ultra) compatible with eSim (virtual sim) technology ? If yes, there is anything to enable to have it working ? Before i order it with my carrier. Thanks a lot for your help
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    Hello, How to boot Mi 10 Ultra on safemode please ? thanks for help
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    TWRP backup

    Hello, I have Mi 10 Ultra, when i do a full backup via TWRP 3.4.2b by wzsx150 everything goes fine. But when i do a restore from the full backup my phone goes on bootloop and i have to reflash ROM again. any advise or help ?
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    rw Partition

    Hello, I'm triying several magisk module and tweak and all of them are returning read only partitions error. Also tried to install some drivers and get the error : unable to mount rw partition my quesion is : why Miui has read only partiiton ? when 90% of roms out there dont. is that a issue...
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    OTA Mi 10 Ultra (Miui 12.0.15)

    Hello, I'm new to Xiaomi world, and i want to understand some points : I have a Xiaomi 10 Ultra with MIUI 12.0.15.QJJCNXM Stable by installed by the Trandingshenzen + TWRP 3.4.2b-0623 wzsx150 Today i received an OTA notification for the update to I need some...
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    Unlocking bootloader

    Hello, I want to purchase a Xiaomi Mi 10 ultra which have already the global rom installed. And i want to know if the bootloader will be locked/unlocked from the seller ? And in case its locked, can i unlocked it without a code ?(as already done before by the seller to install the global rom)...