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    Miui 12.0.3 stable contacts not showing

    Mi8 , latest stable. Device is in Hebrew language. The contacts is not showing in the list.
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    Mi 10T pro got weekly ?

    Hi. I noticed that mi 10t pro is now listed on the rom mi 10t/mi 10t pro . I dont know when but the mi 10t had only stable rom and a different section then the mi 10t. Just wanna confirm its not a mistake lol
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    New [mi 10t pro] [stable 12.0.7] no contact names in hebrew languages

    Clean flash. When in Hebrew language, the contacts names not showing in search. Only photos are showing. In English language it works well. 2 video samples, One in Hebrew language and the second in English. Hebrew language English language
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    mi9 - Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    hey guys. first i'' say that i own mi9, works great - connecting to my pc and laptop, adb, and fastboot devices works excellent . NOW - to the problem. my friend gave me his mi9, totally stock, miui12 global. to backup his internal card and wipe clean and flash eu rom with root. easy job i...
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    mi8se cant flash eu rom

    hey guys, i got this device from **********, and it came with "global" rom, and bootloader unlocked. as i know the se doesn't have global. as i use RTL language the battery icon and all the above was massy, so i decided to flash our beloved eu rom. it came by the way with miui9 . so i flash...
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    New Scrolling screenshot not working in RTL

    In any device, its in rom problam , miui11 and olso 12 . When in RTL language (hebrew, Arabic) the scroll button not appearing. Switching to English, works great. Same with my mi9 latest weekly And olso my poco f1 with stable miui11 And again, in global rom it's working (tested its on...
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    New mi 9 , 9.12.19/9.12.12 no flash/HDR menu in camera in hebrew (rtl)

    At first I thought it was a bug in my device / dirty flash, so I reset, did a clean install, and it still happened. In these two versions it happens. Before that it never happened. Until I switched to English and saw that it works. please fix this bug, i love the stock camera. view the...
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    Miui Camera App For Non Miui-roms ?

    Hi guys. Im using cm12.1, and all is great, run very smoothly, exept the camera app. Its nothing compare the orinigal app. I there a way to flash only the app ? Or an apk file ? Thanks.
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    can't flash recovery

    hello, i own sense yesterday 2 xiaomi hongmi red rice , i did a root and flashed recovery as shown in the guide. when i'm booting into recovery i'm getting this image (like scrambling lines...) and then the phone freezes for a few seconds and then reboots.. i don't know what to do.. i tried...
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    hebrew pack for nexus s 2.5.11

    hi.. is someone still own the file that im looking for? Sent from my HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e using Tapatalk 2