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    Release Notes MIUI 1.4.01

    Friday Milestone and HD2 have ushered in 2.3.3. At this point, MIUI entered the 2.3.3 era. Third edition of the UI there will be significant improvements, telephone SMS contacts, and desktop and theme are new feeling. Of course, not only this, April Fool's Day festival so unique, there must be a...
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    No updates for this week??

    Am I missing something? Seems to be no Changelog for any thing so far this week, strangely. Yet This seems to point to something but needs to log in (2nd Result down). Anyone translate the Google result? Anyone want to confirm my Paranoia? C'mon, Jump on the Bangwagon and lets all make a big...
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    No USB Tethering on Ubuntu

    Anyone else having problems using native USB Tethering on Desire (GSM)? I have Vodafone UK Desire and MIUI 0.12.18 (Stock Kernel) and Ubuntu 8.04 and the PC will not connect at all. Dead. Any setting I'm Missing? Im not extremly well versed in using Ubuntu, so the chances are I've fluffed...