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    MIUI 12.6 21.5.12/13

    Good day , I noticed since a while that my Mi9T has now the redmi (revovery?) bootlogo. I know that the Mi9T and the redmi k20 are the same , but I bought a Mi not a Redmi , it is what's also printed on the back of the device and I would like to keep the Mi revovery bootlogo Is this a xiaomi or...
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    Invalid Rom-bootloop on Lockscreen

    Good day , this is not a .eu bug but a xiaomi bug, but I hope I could find some help here. It first startet a half year back, my k20 suddenly reboots and was stuck in a rom-bootloop as soon as I tried to unlock (so miui restarts not the entire device). I couldn't find the problem but could...
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    ScreenEnhanceEngine working ?

    Good day , I'm using the 12.11.18 rom and would like to know if these features can be activated or if they are placeholders as I can't really see a difference ( Ai Image Upscaler )...
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    New [R] Permission & Owner "Bug"

    Good day , I notice after a while , after upgrading to android 11 , that somehow almost all folders got new permissions and owners. This leads to a variety of problems , e.g. whatsapp can't load or play/show media from its own folder , apps crashes , or general miss behavior of apps. Sometimes...
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    What's: Basic Google services ?

    Do you know the packed name for these or are these customized google apps ( so have the same name as there official google apps ) ? Everyone has there own reason why to avoid gms, I use the aurora play store and f droid client, but google maps is a nessessary app that works, except gps, and...
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    What's: Basic Google services ?

    com.miui.securitycenter has a shortcut for com.miui.googlebase.ui.GmsCoreSettings (see image) I would like to know what this exactly does, is this a replacement for gms ? I do not have gms installed but the option to enable this is disabled
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    Invalid Control Center - Scaling Issue

    Until now there is no bug fix for this, but I found a solution Set your DPI to 488 ( for example, best setting for Mi9T ) Download and install "App settings Reborn" (EdXposed Module) and search for Set DPI to 440 and font scale to 66% (without %) Reboot or restart systemUI
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    Help/stuck: phone reboots after lockscreen/authentication

    Hello Today I played a little bit with AppManager (root tool for app permissions and disabled alot for gms ) suddenly it restarts. And now I'm stuck on the lockscreen. As soon as i enter my pin I see my launcher (stock miui launcher) for 1-2sec and than it reboots again to the lockscreen. But...
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    New Mod_Icons probably hardcoded

    Good Day, I noticed that some apps (e.g WhatsApp, Instagram etc) does only apply the icon in the folder 'miui_mod_icons' if they are PNGs (named like the app) and not inside a folder (named like the app) So I believe that some icons have a hardcoded path I think this is a limitation...
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    Invalid Control Center - Scaling Issue

    Not sure if these kind of bugs are need to be fixed by Xiaomi or if you want to handle this. The scaling in the new control center is to small or doesn't scale with higher dpi as it should. The bars are to small or not long enough, the buttons are too small or to few, but 4 was always the...
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    Global Dark Mode - Change Palette

    Good day everyone, I really enjoy my newly flashed MIUI12 rom and would like to know if there is any way to change the colors which the global dark Mode uses? I'm sure there is no app for this but maybe a human readable file? If I'm allowed to dream for a moment I would love a way to have...