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    New [21.6.16][gauguin - Mi10T Lite] Screenrecorder doesnt record any sound

    Whenever i try to record my screen with the builtin ScreenRecorder App, and put it on Sound or Microphone and watch the video, there's NO sound at all. And sadly the ScreenRecorder App is so much different now, its only an pop up whenever you open the app instead of how it used to be before...
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    New [21.3.31][gauguin] Proximity sensor not working

    I tried to take a call and i noticed that the screen wont turn off, same as when i listen to WhatsApp messages, i havent had that problem in an older weekly release. I hope next update will fix it
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    Invalid [21.3.10][gauguin] Restart and Power off doesnt work correctly

    Everytime i try to restart the phone, it takes ages to power off and start again and also when i turn off the phone and plug it in, the screen stays black and the LED light turns on, only way to fix it is by going into Custom Recovery and Powering off this way. Also trying to run google play...
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    Invalid [21.1.20 Mi10T Lite] missing Widevine L1

    Had issues getting videos running over SD Quality on Netflix, Amazon Prime and decided to check if I had L1 and to my surprise it reported back L3.
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    New [21.1.13][gauguin] Bug report

    After unlocking the Easter egg in the Settings, the control panel freezes everytime i want to access "Cat controls" and have to force reboot in order for it to work again.
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    Mi 10T Lite Weekly incoming?

    Hey Guys! I saw in the weekly ROM release "This update is suspended for Mi 9 Pro 5G, Mi 9 Lite, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 9 4G/Redmi 9T, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G/Mi 10T Lite. These devices are expected to get this update on mid-or-late January 2021, with Android 11 update accordingly." and since i...
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    New [20.8.20 HMNote7] Permissions wont save

    I noticed it in previous releases already but whenever i restart my Phone, the Phone forgets the Permissions for the Apps. i always need to set Camera enabled back on Instagram, Discord enable permissions to access files etc
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    New [20.4.30/20.5.13-21/20.7.2] HMNote7 Notification text being empty

    Whenever i receive a notification for an example from WhatsApp or Discord, there's no text in there until i open the notification bar myself, I noticed this problem ever since the MIUI 12 for Redmi Note 7 came out
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    New [HMNote7][Android 10][20.3.19] YouTube Cast causes Screen to go black screen

    When i stream something to the TV, my phone often goes blackscreen, back to unlock screen, i unlock it, and it happens all over again, the only Solution is to restart my Phone and its a pain when it constantly happens!
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    New [RN7][Android 10][20.3.5] System UI Clock Bug

    My Phone Clock keeps being out of sync, the Clock app shows the correct time 12:46 but System UI kept displaying 11:58 Also my Phone is suddenly encrypted when i go into OrangeFox Recovery
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    New [HMNote7] [20.1.9, 20.1.16, 20.1.21] mic won't work in call

    I have a problem, when someone calls me or I call someone and i try to speak, they won't be able to hear me, tried to switch to speakers but doesn't work either.
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    Invalid Redmi Note 7 Widevine L3 Beta 20.1.16

    I Just noticed after checking, that the Redmi Note 7 is on L3 instead of L1, it used to be L1.
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    Question About anti-rollback protection

    Hello! I have one question, i heard about the anti rollback protection and i was very unsure to upgrade and downgrade at all because i thought, as soon as i do it, i will break it. So i decided i download the latest fastboot firmware for the Redmi Note 7 Global V10.3.10.0.PFGMIXM i checked the...
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    New [Redmi Note 7/lavender] MIUI 10.5 9.9.3 bug

    I have a problem with listening to audio recordings from WhatsApp for an example. When I was still on stock MIUI I was able to hold my phone next to my ear as if I was talking with someone on the phone and it automatically switched to the speakers on top of the screen, now when I want to do that...
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    The Difference Between and Global Stock ROM

    hey! I am new to the whole XIAOMI Community since the Redmi Note 7 is my first XIAOMI/Redmi Phone and i just unlocked my bootloader and i was unsure about MIUI Stock Rom and XIAOMI EU and i have one question. How different is it compared to the global stock rom? I got TWRP and Magisk running for...