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    Hello, since 2 weekly Updates i cant Share Screenshot of Browser and many Other Apps with Others.i am using a Mi 11. In my Gallery i can see Them, If i send to someone, i cant send or they Receive only a black Picture. Any idea what i can do? Gesendet von meinem M2011K2C mit Tapatalk
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    DND Volume Control 21.1.20

    I am using a Mi11 on latest Beta: If i enable DND i am Not able to use Volume +/- Key to Control volume. It Looks Like that Volume is locked in DND. Dont Know if its a new Feature or a bug. Gesendet von meinem M2011K2C mit Tapatalk
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    Earphone window

    Hey everyone, how can i get this window? It does not pop Up. Can only See battery percentage of earphones under settings-bluetooth but Not the box. Official Mi11 isnt supported until now, but my Mi9SE also Not get this window. With Stock eu rom its working on my mi9se. Anyway to get it also with...
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    Hello, i installed the latest Beta on my Mi9SE. But when i wanted to boot Into system after Update, it Always booted into recovery. Only way to get into miui was by booting into bootloader and using fastboot boot twrp.img After that command it boots into miui but without WiFi, camera ....any...
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    Latest Beta and twrp

    Hey , after installing latest Beta on my Mi9SE i dont have twrp anyomore. I Always get to fastboot when i try to Boot into Recovery. Also with The Updatemenu "Boot into Recovery" with ADB boot Recovery and with Power up and turn on. It Looks Like there is no Recovery anymore. So i tried to...
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    How to Update twrp?

    Hey everyone, i wanted to Install the latest Beta Update on my Mi 9 SE. In the past it worked after youre choose the Update package in the updater the Phone reboots in twrp. Normaly i had to swipe right on the bottom and the Installation Starts....but now it goes to the twrp...
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    New Keyboard after updated to latest Beta

    Hey, after Updating to latest Beta on my Mi9SE, some Apps are crashing when i want to Type something using normal Keyboard. Here are the logs java.lang.IllegalStateException: Exception thrown on Scheduler.Worker thread. Add `onError` handling. at$
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    Change sim pin

    Hey where can i Change my Sim Pin on Mi 9 SE using latest beta.thanks for help Gesendet von meinem Mi 9 SE mit Tapatalk
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    Big Icons Small Text

    Hello, after Updating to latest Beta Rom on my Mi9 SE all App Icons are really big and the Textes Like settings, Keyboard and so on are really small. I Just find Option to get Textes bigger or smaller but Not the App icons. Is it possible to Change settings that the sizes are the Same as in MIUI...