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    New I think that there is a weird issue on quicksnap mode (i think because maybe i do something wrong)

    Sometimes, despite the fact that i press the volume down button, it only saves either the first or the last second of the capture if I'm moving my phone around. My click is solid, since it vibrates when I start and stop pressing the button. Am I doing anything wrong? Is it a bug?
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    New Sometimes the performance is worse than entry-level phones on SD865 device:(

    I've noticed that overall, the battery consumption of the rom is very improved compared with official roms. My only question is about the performance of the phone. A few weeks after each factory reset, it drops in a really bad level (yes i try to clear dalvik and cache but nothing changes and i...
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    New 3rd party apps see app size but the system itself can't

    More details here. Please help me, I don't want to format again.. The problem is that apps keep collecting cache and the storage is filled
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    New Apps and data show as others after random system crash and reboot

    Any way to fix it? I already cleared dalnik and cache and reinstalled the rom without factory reset/data wipe but nothing changed MIUI12.5.7
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    Where can i find camera apk? (messed up with the original, details below)

    I installed a Mi11 camera mod using a magisk module but it doesn't work anymore on my miui version (12.5.7 A11 -it was working on 12.5.5). I found an apk from but it's the global:(
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    Quick snap mode- How do i use it?

    I enabled it but i dont know how to use it
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    Invalid After updating to 12.5.7 music does something like a small pause when i open/close/launch/minimize/switch between apps

    I don't know if it's xiaomi's bug or this rom's but if there's anything i can do please tell me
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    Question about MIUI12.5.7 (official chinese)

    The new MIUI12.5.7 (official chinese) update is on stable beta stage. if i wait, is there gonna be a difference when the update become stable?
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    I have a question that maybe is too erly to be answeared

    I read that the poco f2 pro aka redmi k30 pro will get android 12 but there is no official twrp support so probably there won't be a compatible version. What can we do in that case?
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    New Gboard language swich takes longer than before the v.12.5.5.

    Format data and clear dalvin and cache didn't help..
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    Edit: Installing the latest version as an update worked.. Can i somehow prevent google play services from disabling google pay on every reboot?

    It's an ancient version (february 2021, v.2.100) I use it because it doesn't have security check. The latest versions fail it despite the fact that the device appears as certified and it passes the safetynet check (univeral safetynet fix 2.1.1 module installed, magisk hide enabed for all google apps
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    Can you please help me with google pay?

    I'm desperate, i need gpay but i don't know what (else) to do
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    New Performance mode missing after reflashing miui 12.5.5

    There is a toggle on control center but it doesnt do anything (it was working)
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    Google Pay stopped working after reflashing the rom ( v12.5.5)

    I pass the safetynet check and playstore displays my k30 pro as certified but gpay wont work v.12.5.5, rooted with magisk (v.23), cleared cache on google play services and google framework and reinstalled gpay, installed universal safetynet fix v.2.1.1, magisk hide is enabed for almost every...
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    Can you make fastboot version for devices like redmi k30 pro, where there is no official twrp?

    I'm asking that because i can't find even one twrp version that works properly.. Each one of them has a different issue:(
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    Invalid Privacy protection lab not working on latest lmi (12.5.5)