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    New TWRP (Mi 9 SE) not asking for decryption password.

    Hello. I'm trying to install 20.10.15 version, but when i get into recovery, TWRP doesn't require my PIN and when i go at Install tab, all my files are encrypted (a mess with letters and numbers). I've tried to use "twrp decrypt <PASSWORD>" command, but it also didn't work. If someone can...
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    Difference between Advanced Wipe and Format Data.

    Hello. I would like to know the difference between this wiping methods. Some tutorials says you just need to wipe Dalvik, Cache and System, while other tutorials says that you just need to Format Data and type "yes". In addition, I would like to know which of these methods is better when...
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    [SOLVED] I can't install EU ROM without disabling encryption.

    Hello. I'm trying to install "xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9SE_V11.0.5.0.PFBCNXM_v11-9" in my MI9SE but when i flash the ROM i'm always going back to TWRP screen. I mean, the MI logo appears, 5 seconds later the phone turns off and boot to the recovery again. I'm using the this recovery. This issue...
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    New Mi9SE screen contrast changes at lock screen.

    Hello. I defined my Mi9SE contrast and colors setting to the default option. But, everytime i am at lockscreen, the contrast is very high compared to the home screen. ROM version: 20.1.9