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    Weird GPS/Compass issue with Mi 11 Ultra and Google Maps?

    Anyone having any weird calibration issues with Google maps on their mi 11 ultra? When I try to use navigation (usually walking), it always seems to point the wrong direction. Usually the opposite of where I am walking towards. The GPS is tracking fine and the blue dot is moving in the correct...
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    MIUI Bluetooth settings window not working after update?

    I just updated my Mi 11 Ultra, and my airdots 3 pro was working fine before the update, but now they only pop up with the little floating battery window some of the time. And more importantly the actual settings of the headphones is impossible to get to, where they were built into the bluetooth...
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    Mi 11 Ultra TWRP update?

    Is there a new twrp update for mi 11 ultra? i havent updated my phone since july (twrp or rom), as last time i tried to update i got the decrypt error with twrp. I am trying again now with the latest version of the rom, is there anything i should do different? I want to keep all my data without...
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    How to update using TWRP?

    I just got a notification for a new update (I'm on 12.5.11 stable currently), but I'm wondering how to update using TWRP? It has already downloaded it to my internal storage. When I reboot to TWRP it asks me for a password, and if I use my phone pin code it says incorrect? How would I update...
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    Notification Issues?

    Anyone been having spotty notifications recently? Wasnt an issue when i first installed the rom a few days ago, but now i only get some notifications when i unlock my phone or when i open the specific app (mainly snapchat and instagram). Ive set autostart to on and battery saver to no...
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    Turn off Harmon kardon sound optimisation for Bluetooth and aux?

    Does anyone know how to bypass the Harmon kardon tuning and sound presets when using Bluetooth/3.5mm? It sounds okay with the speakers and is better than without an eq, but when I use Bluetooth headphones I don't want any EQ. Is there a way to do this with miui? Thanks Gershy13
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    Cons of using Xiaomi.EU?

    I just got a Mi 11 Ultra with china rom, my options are either stay on the china rom and put up with some of the annoying things (google assistant voice not working, font and text looking a bit weird, etc), or switch to xiaomi.EU. My question is if there is any big cons to using Xiaomi.EU rom...
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    Updates on Xiaomi.EU?

    Thinking about flashing to my mi 11 ultra (when I get it), but was wondering how updates work? Do I have to wipe the device every time I want to update? Or will it be as smooth as official ROM updates?