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  1. ZduneX25

    Mi 9T from global to

    format data > followed by typing yes is mandatory
  2. ZduneX25

    [SOLVED]Bootloop with minor update

    Download official stable for your mi9 extract vbmeta.img from it then flash it: fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
  3. ZduneX25

    Downgrade from 12.5 to 12.2

    You can either restore 12.5 or 12.2 backup back on 12.5, but not the other way around.
  4. ZduneX25

    Downgrade from 12.5 to 12.2

    TWRP backup from 12.5 to 12.2 - it will never work. Cloud or app such as titanium backup (paid and requires root) is the only way to go.
  5. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.7.21/22

    1) cannot reproduce 2) fixed 3) hopefully fixed as well, i have been testing new download engine for past few days and download only failed once due to poor mirror speed (after ~ 40 minutes and in a half way) am gonna test even more this week, so updater could be included asap
  6. ZduneX25

    OTA Updater always says "You are up to date"

    It might be possible on stable, there was few obstacles in the past and because stable can be pretty old (depending on each device) comparing to dev, sometimes manual download is necessary. Sorry for inconvenience.
  7. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.26/27

    To clarify, roms are huge packages and at the end of downloading process it checks md5 sum, so yeah it might throw "Updater not responding" cause for "android understanding" any longer background task is not responding and would cause same dialog, however as you figured, all you need is wait a...
  8. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.20/21

    @zgfg12 you can set it manually using set instead of get, however i do not see anyone else here having this issue and i did some testing myself - it always update miui_new_version once i open updater
  9. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.20/21

    @zgfg12 connect your phone with pc then open terminal and type: adb shell settings get global miui_new_version attach result here
  10. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.20/21

    @zgfg12 start/close Updater form desktop app icon please
  11. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.6 21.5.20/21

    @zgfg12 all files are stored in root of internal storage, in case you break or download will fail rom is there with .part extension, all part files gets clean once new version is found; no needs to format anything, you already done necessary cleaning, open/close Updater app few times being...
  12. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    Clean Updater's cache or data then open it again and let me know if you still see this Update mark. Do those steps being connected to the Internet.
  13. ZduneX25

    Which partitions are safe to wipe in TWRP?

    If you will wipe internal storage you will lost all you backups and images/photos, moreover you never do it before flashing, cause you will remove rom as well.
  14. ZduneX25


    Well sourceforge is not as reliable as it used to, most of the time notification faces server timeout, that's why there is no notifications for few weeks now.
  15. ZduneX25


    Cause it is system app, open recent apps view > tap and hold on Updater then finally Lock it in memory.
  16. ZduneX25

    Bootloop to TWRP. Can't boot on miui

    Use latest recovery for your model: to fix encryption - format data (will erase internal storage as well, so back it up) then reinstall latest rom.
  17. ZduneX25

    MI 9 Fingerprint isn't working

    There is a FOD Boost magisk module for custom A11 roms, never tried it on MIUI, never had any issues with mine.
  18. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.5 21.2.24/25

    @abc0410 You don't update system apps yourself, just wait fot next release.
  19. ZduneX25

    MIUI 12.5 21.2.24/25

    I can confirm this magisk works well with A11 based MIUI on grus:
  20. ZduneX25

    Dirty flash Android 11 on MI9SE ?

    By the way I use pattern not pin.