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  1. justinh999

    how good is the rom on the redmi note 8 compared to stock (battery life, performance)

    Hello , can anyone tell me how the weeklys and the stabels runs on the redmi note 8 , how is the batery runtime compared to the stock rom (android 11 , miui 12).how is the performance compared to stock. please write with which stock firmware you compare
  2. justinh999

    Is the risk of a hard-broken device higher when flashing via Fastoot than when flashing via TWRP?

    Someone in the XDA forum said, about Fastbot will be flashed with the Rom more critical partitons than with the Twrp Roms (Is that true?) and somehow I can not believe that, because are not regardless of whether Fastboot or Twrp the same partitions flashed? The danger of...
  3. justinh999

    is your poco f3 still dimming

    hello I have seen in a video that the Poco F3 no longer dims even at Genshin Impact (max settings 60fps) but mine continues to dim at 45 degrees. Is my model broken?.
  4. justinh999

    Poco F3/Redmi K40 make beeps/make high noises when i use dolby atmos

    This Problem is at the rom and on the official eea rom.when I activate dolby atmos and then play sound on lauttstärke level 2 and louder, I always hear a beep in the background from the speakers . with my previous model I did not have that but since I was the ram to small (6gb) but it...
  5. justinh999

    Chrome freezes as soon as the phone goes into standby

    I post that here because I don't know whether it's because of the weekly Rome or me. Chrome freezes as soon as I put the phone on standby. it's horrible because the only thing that helps is quitting chrome and since I download a lot of large files it's horrible to start the download over and...
  6. justinh999

    Can i disabel OEM unlock in the Developer Options at xiomi EU firmware

    I discovered in the developer option that oem unlock defoliate the hoes is in it. can kch do this rauß or if no cellphone doesn’t start?
  7. justinh999

    Invalid very high battery consumption of up to 1800mA in some cases

    I have the problem that in some cases the cell phone simply consumes 1800mA (e.g. when surfing) and that is also shown by the battery life, which is very, very bad. i used the current beta on a poco f3. Can i fix that ?
  8. justinh999

    Invalid authorization manager has been repeatedly terminated.

    hello my problem doesn't matter what i do after a indefinite time this window always comes up telling me the authorizationm manager has been repeatedly terminated. here is the code that comes when I tap details. android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: no such table...
  9. justinh999 Beta vs Stabel rom

    I would like to have experiences from you .at the moment I use the stable Rome because I only have one cell phone and it has to be stable. Now my question is the beta rom really beta so there are a lot of crashes, many errors, maybe there are no errors or crashes? because I also read...
  10. justinh999

    Do i lose my individual Display calibration When i flash custom rom

    Hello, I have a question. i heard xiomi calibrates each display individually before shipping a device. My question now is this calibration saved in the software because on my device (poco f3) was already installed that fixes the display dimming problems, so if I now play the xiomi EU rom I...
  11. justinh999

    Do you use orginal Device tree for the Rom and from where do you get orginal Drive tree?

    . I have some questions about the Xiomi.Eu Rom 1. Does the Rom use the original tree(i.e. the one from xiomi) so that I have the same bugs / problems / stability as on the original firmware 2. if so, where do you get the original device tree from because I don't know any...
  12. justinh999

    Replace Poco Launcher in Global Rom /is poco launcher in rom?

    hello I have a question I bought a Poco F3 but this question applies to all Poco devices I like the muiu launcher much more than the poco launcher because the poco launcher has no animations (which is ugly) and the icons don't look very good good (I think). Can I replace the Poco Launcher with...