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  1. marciokriiger

    Resolved Redmi Note 10 Pro freezes on volume slider

    Hi! With the last update on Redmi Note 10 Pro (12.5.8) when I open the volume slider the system freezes and locks the screen. Does anyone going through this, and if so, know of any solutions? Below is a video demonstrating the problem.
  2. marciokriiger

    New [pyxis] [12.5.3] Call blocking does not work

    Hello everybody. Since version 12.5.1 my Mi 9 Lite stopped blocking calls even after I selected blocking of a specific number. I was hoping that in 12.5.3 it was resolved but the problem remains. Does anyone know if there is a way to solve it?
  3. marciokriiger

    [MI CC9 (9 LITE)] Delay on China stable update

    Hi guys. I own a Mi 9 Lite and using the based on last China stable. Since the last update from China stable was on middle of August, I questioned on Mi Community when will be a update to China Stable, and the answer was that they don't have the information of when will have this...
  4. marciokriiger

    New Fullscreen bar indicator - 20.6.18

    I did a dirty install from 20.6.11 to 20.6.18 and again the fullscreen bar vanished, apparently only on clean install this problem doesn't happen.
  5. marciokriiger

    New AI preloading not working - 20.6.18

    Since the first MIUI 12 to Mi 9 Lite, the AI preloading doesn't work, I recorded my screen to show better what happens when enable, just after the system disable it.
  6. marciokriiger

    Resolved [20.6.11_V12] Fullscreen bar vanishing

    After the last weekly update, the fullscreen bar disappears after the system boots, and does not return even if you disable and enable it again in the settings.
  7. marciokriiger

    New AOD Mi 9 Lite - Stable 11.0.3

    Hi everyone. After the last stable update for Mi 9 Lite/CC9, when enable battery saving and disable after a while the always on display keeps disabled, need to manually check the option again. Thanks for the attention.
  8. marciokriiger

    New [RN5] [MIUI 11 9.10.31] Read mode aways on even when it's turned off

    Hi. After the last update of MIUI 11 beta on my Redmi Note 5 (whyred), when it's night the read mode keeps activated (yellow filter on screen) even if disable it on the settings. I'm not sure if it's a bug or something else, so decided to report. Thanks to the devs to the great ROM.
  9. marciokriiger

    New [9.10.17] - Unlock animation missed

    Hi. After update my RN5 (Whyred) to MIUI 11 9.10.17 the animation on homescreen after unlock device is gone. Thanks to DEVS for the ROM, even in beta i'm using daily without problems. This is the animation i'm talking about...
  10. marciokriiger

    Step counter assistant with Mi Fit

    Hello everyone. In the step counter of the assistant (app vault) when trying to integrate with Mi Fit, it does not work and keeps the message to sign in to Mi Fit. Does anyone know how to solve? I am in stable build 10.3.5 of Redmi Note 5.