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  1. Alexbo

    Resolved [Mi 10 Ultra] Camera watermark bug in weekly 21.1.20 timestamp incorrect

    I have been checking on the camera app, when I activate the option to Add time stamp on photos. It doesn't follow the Locale settings of the phone. I have set Central European Time and and Region set to Spain, so the normal configuration would be: dd/mm/yyyy. Instead I get the...
  2. Alexbo

    Resolved Mi 10 Ultra - 5G - Not available on primary SIM on Weekly 21.1.20

    Hello All, I hope someone can help me. I have been using the Mi 10 Ultra for some time now, only with the stable rom and was working great. I had posted before, that 5G was not available for me. When going in the Settings, it was never available in Preferred Network Type.. I have now moved to...