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    Best Xiaomi phones from ROM availability standpoint?

    Sorry, I got totally confused by all the numerous Xiaomi phones available, and I can't find a good list of which are global-exclusive or not... Are Mi10T / Mi10T Lite / Mi10T Pro likely to get good ROM support?
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    Best Xiaomi phones from ROM availability standpoint?

    Could anyone say which models except flagmans are the most likely to have longtime ROM updates? I was thinking of buying Redmi Note 9T, but it's not going to be supported at all, because of MTK processor, right? And my current Redmi Note 8T ain't having much updates either.
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    New Music is interrupted by notifications in DND mode

    MIUI 12.0.3 stable on Redmi Note 8T When the phone is in DND mode, notifications come, but makes no sound. However, if the music is playing, it is interrupted for a second when the notification comes, even though no notification sound can be heard. DND mode in Paranoid Android didn't have that...