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    Official english MIUI site launched

    Great news, an official english MIUI site has been launched with guides, info, videos, walkthroughs etc. Several MIUI translation projects such as this one ( is linked under downloads.
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    What's their endgame/how do they make money?

    I think I heard somewhere that the MIUI development team have at least one full-time employee, and they must pour down a lot of hours every week to keep their current pace. Are they simply looking for some chinese phone manufacturer to partner up with and have MIUI pre-installed on their...
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    Music progress/search bar, problems in multiple music players

    In 1.4.1 the progress bar in PowerAMP, Spotify and Doubletwist Media Player is acting really weird. I can't imagine this being due to anything other than the newer versions of MIUI. When you try to skip forward in a song by dragging the little indicator of where you currently are it doesn't...