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    New 12.5.1 Redmi Note 10 Pro AOD option turning off with every charge.

    As title says with every charge or reboot AOD is turned of automatically. Edit: With last update the option "Turn off when Energy Saver is on" was set on automatically. After set this option off it works as before. (But still Animations are not working except while charging)
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    New Multiple Bugs with AOD REDMI Note 10 Pro

    Thanks for the ROM! I have some problems with the AOD in 12.5.1 on REDMI Note 10 Pro. First of all, when I change to ultra energy saver it turns off what is obviously correct. But it doesn't turn on again when I leave to normal mode. Same with the setting for animations of AOD. Next Bug, this...
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    Animations of AOD only working during battery charge

    Hey Guys! I'm on and since last update AOD is finally working. Thanks for that so far!!! After some reboots the battery drain also stopped. (It was not caused by AOD, I think it was some backround service) No my problem I want to report is as shown in title of the thread...