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    New [Apollo] [] Gmail didn't receive email with battery saver mode

    Gmail push notification doesn't work properly on xeu with battery saver enabled. It was working fine on EEA under the same condition. -battery saver mode enabled -synchronisation enabled -for Gmail: --auto start enabled --battery optimalisation set to no restrictions --locked app on recent app...
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    Xiaomi services framework version in

    Due to problems with push notification from Mi Home, I'm looking for the reason in the application com.xiaomi.xmsf. If you have a stable version of the rom, please provide the software version and Xiaomi service framework application version. I remember that in 11.0.6 notifications worked and...
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    Invalid Push notifications from Mi Home

    Im facing issue with push notifications from Mi home app. I cannot get any push notification eg. from camrwawhen motion is detected. In logs I saw that there is a problem with pushing notification. In developer menu I enabled option to show message when push notification is broken, below...
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    New 20.5.7 Google Pay - cannot add new card

    Hey I cannot set-up new card in Google Pay using miui 12 with stock launcher. Google Pay says that other app is blocking (something like that other app may be driving over the screen). It tricky because after changing launcher it works, so I'm afraid that it is china ROM bug not
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    New 9.11.14 Folder blur issue

    After return from app that was run from folder (folders have blurred background) for a moment background is not blurred
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    New 9.10.31 Mi8 lags more than mi room and China rom

    Animation are not smooth like on the china rom or on mi room rom. Maybe one of your modification breaks animation smoothing. All three roms use the same kernel. Are you using the newest firmware in your rom?
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    Re-unlock bootloader

    Hi guys Does anyone know how long take re-unlock bootloader? I unlocked it some times ago and at last week I locked it again flashing global fastboot rom.
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    [Q] MIUI 10 Global to

    Hi, I've question about moving from global 10.2.2 with arb to On Mi6 it was very simple and safe. Do you have solution how I have to do it? Is any way to omit arb? Is it possible to flash permanently twrp with anti-rollback protection?
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    Invalid Smart Lock on 9.1.17 doesn't work

    I can't set trusted location for Google smart lock. These locations should be used to not locking device with password or fingerprint
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    *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* 6.1.021 for Mi6 with working autofocus and night sight

    I made fix for B-S-G camera... *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* 6.1.021 for Mi6 with working autofocus and night sight :)
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    New [8.8.23] MI6 - instant apps doesnt work

    1. Open Google store 2. Make sure that in setting instant apps are enabled 3. Search BuzzFeed app 4. Click Try it Now 5. Web page will be opened instead of instant app.
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    New Mi6 - 8.8.16 application details in Polish

    Then I select application on Installed view to show details in Polish language I got error
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    New Mi6 - broken NFC payments 8.8.9

    Mi6 NFC payments using Google pay doesn't work properly. Terminals say that I have to use single card. Phone days that I moved away from terminal to fast.
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    [magisk] Working Hdr+

    I've created magisk module which enables camera api2 and contins camera permissions files from aosp magisk module camera api mi6 drive. google. com/open?id=13y67sdImtCMl24pPukviN1n7JGOoyUKQ (can't post with url yet :( ) It allows using hdr+ with *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* & autofocus (bsg_test3)...