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    Mi 9 internet disconnection

    Hi, I have this problem since august update. The problem is when I use and that requires gps and mobile data/wifi, internet usually stop for 5 seconds more or less
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    Dark mode on Second Space

    Hi, can you enable dark mode on Second Space please? And maybe screen recorder too?
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    New [21.1.14] Mi 9 I can't create a second space

    Since I have Miui 12.5 I can't create a second space on my phone. Phone keeps rebooting after trying to create this option
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    New Can't create a Scond Space (Mi 9)

    Hi actually have 2021.1.6 update on my phone, I still having problems with Second Space, my phone reboots after push "Second Space"option. I hope can use this function on the next update
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    Notifications with the screen locked

    Hi, I don't know if only I have this problem with my phone (Mi 9). Always when I activate screen for first time I can see some notifications (not at all), after this (when screen is off) I activate again screen and I can't see any notification. I have activated my notifications to see content...
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    New Mi 9 can't create a second space

    Hi, like title says I cant create a Second Space on my phone it restarts the phone. Im using miui 12.5
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    New Second Space desconfigures music app from main space (20.7.30)

    Hi guys I found this bug since last update, and it continues appearing in the actually version. The problem starts when I go to my second space and back to main space. Immediately music app (I use Cosmic Player) desconfigures, I have the app with black theme, and other things that fit my use...
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    Whatsapp doesn't show contacts at all

    hi all, I'm having problems with this app, someone can help me to show always my contacts? I think is problem of permissions, because one moment I can see al my contacts on the app and then all dissapears and only can see numbers of my contacts who I was talking.