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    New Mi Max 3 changing Font Size problem

    Hello, I have clean installed 8.11.15 on my Mi Max 3 and I have noticed a problem with font size changing. Xiaomi changed the font size changing menu in one of the October weekly updates, The problem is that now when you change the font size from the default one, MIUI optimizations automaticlly...
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    New [8.9.6] Bugs found on Mi Max 3 after clean installation

    Hello team, thanks for creating such an amazing rom! today ill be reporting all the bugs I found on Mi Max 3 after clean installing 8.9.6 1. WhatsApp cleaner is broken (again): Picture- here 2. Gray square for app notifications (happened on a lot of apps for example: downloads...
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    New Mi Max 3 8.8.30 includes firmware-update adding Anti-rollback to devices!!!

    super mistake by adding firmware-update to the zip file making my phone anti-rollback protected...
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    New All Bugs and Problems found on Mi Max 3 (8.8.23)

    Hello team! Thank you for creating such a great rom and spending your time for us! Today Im reporting all the Bugs & Problems that I found on my Mi Max 3 after clean installing 8.8.23 I hope that you will do your best to fix them and thank you for your great work! so lets start...
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    New Mi Max 3 Microphone Issues during Calls

    during any calls the microphone stops working and the other person cant hear you. I hope you find a solution
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    Eu Rom Beta Update With Magisk

    Hey guys I have got a question: I installed the beta 7.11.23 on my MIX and rooted it using Magisk 14.3. lets say that an update comes (for example this weeks), How do I update my Rom without losing any data while having Magisk installed? Can I even update while having magisk...