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  1. lucasdelion

    Invalid Storyes Instagram

    Im using Global Stable V12.0.5.0 and sequential stories work on Instagram, I'll use it for a while before I go back to Roms.
  2. lucasdelion

    Invalid Storyes Instagram

    Apparently this was solved for 12.0.6 eu stable for Mi 9T, which ROM are you using?
  3. lucasdelion

    Resolved [ The Instagram Bug ] [ Mi 9T ] unable to post videos longer than 15 sec. on Instagram stories

    lol I've just found this place after months of frustration and no answers lol yeah, it's annoying, specially if you work with it.
  4. lucasdelion

    New Mi 9 Camera App - Corrupted Metadata

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Mi 9, with MIUI 11 v11.0.5.0QFACNXM (stable) Camera App: 3.0. I had this error before while using the Global Rom (and mistakenly posted here) but now the same problems returns so I'm back to the only place I think I could solve it. The error: My Photo APP is corrupting...
  5. lucasdelion

    Invalid Phone boots to recovery after changing Accent Color

    I just flashed my phone after 5 hours trying to do it, when I successfully did. I was configuring my phone and changing some stuff. I've searched for color on settings it showed the Change Color Accent feature on Developer Options. I changed from Blue to Cinnamon, the phone went black and then...
  6. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Finally fixed! For anyone out there with the same problem: I installed the miui rom from, it took me 5 hours to flash it from the global rom but after a lot of trouble I got my thumbnails again with a working Camera App and correct metadata, thank you guys!
  7. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Oooh I get it now, my mistake! Thank you, I'm going to (try to) install a ROM from here. I hope it helps with that error. Is the Camera app from MIUI Global different from the Camera on MIUI ROM? (Do you think it can help changing the os?)
  8. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    I am using it, how come it has nothing to do? I don't get it
  9. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Hello, I had a Mi 5x and now I have a Mi 9. When I changed to Mi 9 my photos thumbnails stopped showing at my Windows 10 Photos App. I only keep them at the cloud and the Photos App access them through Onedrive. 1. Photos taken with Mi 5x viewed from the Photos App. All Normal. 2. Photos...
  10. lucasdelion

    New Battery bug on 8.12.13 Mi 5X

    @robertb_45 hello! I solved the black screen bug but now I'm without audio from media, you are the only one reporting this issue, how did you solve it? What Rom are you using right now? 8.11.15?