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  1. Chilling_Silence

    Miui8, 6.6.23 Feedback, Coming From 6.6.18

    Hi all, Flashed 6.6.23, first thing that I noticed is the bundled TWRP isn't in English. I figured it got to the end of it but then I have two buttons and a "swipe" screen and I'm not sure what they do because it's not English. Secondly, the home button "tap" (Rather than a full press) is now...
  2. Chilling_Silence

    Bluetooth volume issue

    Hi all, I've noticed this bug now on a fresh i9000 install, as well as on my wifes N1. Basically you can pair with a device (We've tried 5 different in-car devices such as Parrot, BlueAnt etc - I have access to a lot of varied products through my work) and that part works fine, calls go...
  3. Chilling_Silence

    Weekly update still scheduled for this week?

    In light of the big week that it's been, of course I'd understand if you gave it a miss this week. Just curious if you'll still be releasing this week? Cheers Chill.
  4. Chilling_Silence

    Possible to port MIUI to LDPI screens? Vodafone 845 / Huawei u8120

    I've had a bit of a read through here: It looks semi-straight forward to do a port to a device (At least to get the basics going), but so far from what I can tell everything has been a HDPI device. In my country we have the...