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  1. lucasdelion

    New Mi 9 Camera App - Corrupted Metadata

    Hello, I use a Xiaomi Mi 9, with MIUI 11 v11.0.5.0QFACNXM (stable) Camera App: 3.0. I had this error before while using the Global Rom (and mistakenly posted here) but now the same problems returns so I'm back to the only place I think I could solve it. The error: My Photo APP is corrupting...
  2. lucasdelion

    Invalid Phone boots to recovery after changing Accent Color

    I just flashed my phone after 5 hours trying to do it, when I successfully did. I was configuring my phone and changing some stuff. I've searched for color on settings it showed the Change Color Accent feature on Developer Options. I changed from Blue to Cinnamon, the phone went black and then...
  3. lucasdelion

    Invalid Mi 9 Camera App - Metadata Bug

    Hello, I had a Mi 5x and now I have a Mi 9. When I changed to Mi 9 my photos thumbnails stopped showing at my Windows 10 Photos App. I only keep them at the cloud and the Photos App access them through Onedrive. 1. Photos taken with Mi 5x viewed from the Photos App. All Normal. 2. Photos...