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  1. dellybelly


    Thanks; found it now; not really posted anywhere though? Unless i missed it.
  2. dellybelly

    Port to Nook Color

    I'm interested too; but in the meantime you should take a look at Phiremod, it's emmc version is superior to everything out there. Also should apply the Honeycomb status bar pack thats on his page. I would love MIUI on my NC, but phiremod will hold me over for if/when it's started...
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    Is there a new place that this site idles now? I know of the miui-us channel but thought there would be one for this site? Anyways, hope to see u guys out there.
  4. dellybelly

    Voicing my support for Mark.

    I support Mark; being an idler i just have no idea whats going on on the political side. I liked all of those guys in the channel. I would imagine many people are like me and just don't really know what happened exactly outside of a disagreement/power issue. Because of this I don't have a...
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    Would you consider paying for the MIUI Weather app if it was made available?

    I would pay a buck for this, i mean it's kinda the least I could do considering the contributions you already have made to MIUI for us outside of China; based on the poll more than half would pay so I mean that should say more than the couple ****** comments from people obviously trying to get...
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    Aren't mp3-files scanned?

    Whats it say under "settings" where it says filter by folder? It should list where it's grabbing it's music.
  7. dellybelly

    Inconsistent Mounting Prompt

    Anyone else experiencing a periodic issue where you cannot get the "Charge Only/Charge & Sync" option to show up? Seems over the past couple days when plugging in the USB it won't always show up and requires a reboot to bring back the prompt. This is off a completely fresh install too haven't...