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  1. jacov

    Goodbye friends

    My 1+1 is in the mail... yet my wife and sister in law have the mi2 & mi2s. beside... who said you have to leave the forum just because you changed your phone? stick around and help the next gen.
  2. jacov

    Availability of Mi4

    The MI6 will come out with MIUI V6. The rest will get V6 mid August. P.S. If you think they will ship at 29.07 - I suggest you look at the MI3 shipping history.
  3. jacov

    Xiaomi MiKey - 3.5mm dust-plug with added functionality

    Pressy are new, they work in the west, they have expances, that are quite higher then a founded company that don't patent her products, that have existing assembly lines. Say, what's the price for ''piston earphone''?
  4. jacov

    Xiaomi MiKey - 3.5mm dust-plug with added functionality

    Hopefully for you, no one will steal your ideas, or find a cheaper replacement at your work.
  5. jacov

    My MI2 will soon be INACTIVATED... Help plz!!

    Simply sell the phone and buy a local 1. So... how much would you like for it? ;)
  6. jacov

    New Calendar App?

    So, Uninstlled the unused 1. Or keep a folder of "UNUSED APPS".
  7. jacov

    [MI2/MI2S][KERNEL] MiCore 010 for MIUI | Linaro | UV | OC

    Don't know why time is different, but that's my mi2 with latest miui and core7. Ecomod on. Inttli-plug on.
  8. jacov

    Xiaomi Mi2/2S/2A Stable Version JLB27.0 with Root Package !!!

    You can also download it from -
  9. jacov

    Baidu Cloud Rom 40 ( 06-12-2013)

    Only 1 question (4 now) - How do I change the interface language to ENGLISH? Never Mind, found it.
  10. jacov

    Smartisan OS v0.5.0 13-10-15 for Mi2/2S

    DeepSpace, something was working... I'm with the latest MIUI v5, on MI2. At most it took 5%~7% when I was a sleep at night. P.S. You can turn it off. Set an alarm and it will turn on itself to "Alarm you". ;-)
  11. jacov

    [ROM][KK][4.4][2014-05-18] CyanogenMod 11.0

    Installed the 2013-12-04 - After switching Camera to Video, I can't go back to Camera. Can switch from back to front (and still working as Video). Working with MI2 32GB.
  12. jacov

    LOSP v3.10.05 - Mi1/1s,2/2s Latest !!!

    Any chance someone can upload it to somewhere other the CHINA? download speed is a joke. sorry, scratch that. It's not exist.
  13. jacov

    Fresh out of box mi2s

    Download the ROM to the device. Go in to UPDATER. Select the "Select Installation pack". Navigate to the ZIP you just downloaded and install it. You can do it twice to be sure it's on both systems.
  14. jacov

    [ROM][JB][4.3][2013-12-29] CyanogenMod 10.2

    Let the man Work.
  15. jacov

    FOR SALE: Xiaomi Mi2S 32GB Includes additional extended battery and covers

    I juess you'll get more results if you decide to sell it WORLDWIDE.
  16. jacov

    BAIDU ROM for MI2/MI2S 1st November Latest Update

    Any chance someone managed to download it and can set a mirror out of china? it's just crawling...