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    change color of icons on lock screen

    so, as you can see in the printscreen, I have a wallpaper with a white background and the icons and clock there are also white, which makes reading them difficult. is there a way to change this color? Enviado de meu Redmi Note 9 Pro usando o Tapatalk
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    Reinstall system apps

    So I uninstalled a few system apps using adb and I need them back now. Is there any way to reinstall them again? I tried via apk and it said that "can't install system applications from unofficial channels". What should I do now? P.S: my phone is not rooted
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    Enable SMS Sync

    Hi guys I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse) and I'm trying to sync my sms messages with the cloud but I'm getting this error does anyone know how to fix?
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    help updating miui

    hi guys joyeuse have already received miui 12.5 on EEU. when will updating the rom?