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  1. M ROM with MicroG preinstalled

    Hi, is it possible to have a MicroG version of the ROM since is build on china ROM(that don't have Google Services preinstalled)? Thank you for your answer, this is a popular question in the community, here in the forum and on xda too. :emoji_two_hearts: If the first answer is no for some...
  2. M

    POCO F2 PRO NFC problem

    I'm trying to use NFC on my phone but isn't working properly. I have the 12.5.2 Stable ROM ( rom). Anyone else with this problem?
  3. M

    Signature Spoofing enabled

    Is it possible to have Signature Spoofing enabled on the ROM? I tryed NanoDroid with Magisk but installing this module the system will not boot giving error about starting services.jar and I have to remove the module from TWRP to make it work again. I want to install MicroG, probably...
  4. M

    Install Xiaomi EU ROM without Google Play Services

    Is it possible to install the Xiaomi EU ROM without installing Play Services? In the description of the rom I see: Google apps support integrated SafetyNet passed (Google Pay) Play Store Certified But don't mention if this is preinstalled or not and if is possible not to install them. Thank you.