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    Mi 9 SE associated to Mi account (unlock)

    To answer your question, only MIUI roms include the Mi Account feature.
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    I broke my Mi 9SE, anyone can help me? :(

    The error message is because MIUI is logged in under a different account from the one you're trying to unlock with. You have to log in to MiFlash with the same account you added in the developer options.
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    Have you ever changed your device's battery?

    I have to say that having a phone with a 4000mah battery makes a huge lifestyle difference. I wanted a Mi 9 until I saw the paltry battery size, and I'm glad I went to the trouble of buying a Pro instead. I don't even have to think about charging it during the day, no matter how much I use it...
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    Have you ever changed your device's battery?

    Is anyone on the planet still using a phone that's 5 years old?
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    Mi 9 wireless charging not working

    Don't know if this will help or not, but I bought the Xiaomi 55W wireless charger and couldn't get it to work on my Mi 9 Pro, the charger green light would flash but the phone wasn't charging. The solution was to use the Xiaomi high power mains adapter that came with the phone, none of my other...
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    Mi 9 - Battery

    Not a problem for me either, but I wish I had the rear fingerprint sensor back!
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    Mi 9 - Battery

    Percentages don't tell you how much battery a process is using. My "other" category is showing 18%, my screen is showing 8%, my radio app is top with 20% and Messages is at 10%, but my battery charge percentage is still 81% (I'm on a Mi 9 Pro with a much larger battery). If your battery charge...
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    Mi 9 - Battery

    It sounds ok. Check the permissions and battery settings on the problem apps, limit them to location only while in use, and make sure they're subject to the Xiaomi battery mangement.
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    Mi 9 - Battery

    You're very unlikely to find a rom better than this one for battery life, other than the one it shipped with. If you do actually have a battery problem, it's almost certainly not caused by the rom, more likely an app or possibly the need to wipe data.
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    Install UI to Mi9 pro

    Fastboot flash the 9 Pro recovery, boot to recovery, turn off encryption, format data, flash .eu It's exactly the same process on every device, turning off encryption is optional, but so far there's no recovery for the Pro which can decrypt, so it's easier just to turn it off.
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    i got my xiaomi mi 9 pro 5g seven months ago i have black screen

    If the phone is active but just the screen is not working, you may be able to operate it using one of the several screen mirroring apps that are available. I use scrcpy on Linux, but there are also Windoze apps.
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    Mi9 PRO 5G how to install miui eu?

    You need to remove encryption in TWRP. I forget which option, I detailed it in an earlier forum thread. Uncheck DM Verity and check remove encryption I think.
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    MI MIX 3 5G

    The eu rom doesn't have any adverts, that's the main thing for me. It also removes much of the other Chinese bloatware, and cleans up any other residual Chinese text. There is also a lengthy list of other enhancements that you can find at the beginning of the rom thread, for example they tend...
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    Can't boot on ROM, stuck on TWRP

    That was going to be my next suggestion. Flashing the stock rom usually fixes everything except for the rollback protection problem. For Magisk, it's usually necessary to boot the rom only first, then go back to TWRP & flash Magisk.
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    Can't boot on ROM, stuck on TWRP

    Is the rom the only thing you're flashing, or are you also flashing Magisk?
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    Mi 10 / Pro Global only Single SIM

    I have not. The method will work for any SD phone, I believe, you just need someone to figure out the necessary changes. I've seen it done with numerous devices over the years. I have a Mi 9 Pro, which is SD855, so I'm kinda tempted to try, although I only need band 20 when traveling.
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    Mi 10 / Pro Global only Single SIM

    Not true. It's a software limitation that can be removed by flashing a modified driver configuration with the QPST tool.
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    Mi Mix 2 Stuck in FASTBOOT after factory reset

    It relocks the bootloader, and if you've flashed an older rom you'll be bricked (assuming your device has rollback protection).
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    Mi Mix 2 Stuck in FASTBOOT after factory reset

    Download the MiFlash tool Install the correct Xiaomi fastboot driver for Windoze Verify the device can be found either through MiFlash or from Windoze command line: fastboot devices Download the original fastboot ROM (.img) for your device Flash the ROM from MiFlash BUT REMEMBER TO UNCHECK THE...
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    New MI 9 PRO - 5G - CHINESE ROM.

    Format data and remove encryption.