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    Xiaomi Mi Mix And Android Auto / Car

    Hello Xiaomi fans I bought a new Opel Astra with Radio Link 4.0 BJ 2017 Now I had some problems that my Mi Mix did not want to connect to the Android car. Of course I scoured the Internet for solutions and somehow in 4 out of 5 Froums people wrote that it's up to the cable. At first I thought...
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    "ok Google" Works Mi Mix 8.6 7.6.8

    Hallo Mi Mixler after the update i have problems with "OK Google" i found my problem why OK google doesent work on every screen. I made a small Video hope it is helpfull.
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    Lockscreen With Own Picture Folder

    Hallo Miui Team, is there a possibility for the Daily Lockscreen to create a separate Folder whis my own Pictures wher i select? I have found an entry in Miui forum but for that you probably need root or superuser, is there maybe a solution without root. Thanks for your help and keep it up...