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    [SOLVED] 12.0.1 stable for lavender (Note7) feels sluggish at times

    Hello all, I'm trying to debug a performance issue with the current stable Xiaomi MIUI12 ROM for lavender. When I first installed it, I did a dirty flash from Android9/MIUI11. The upgrade worked, but there were instances (especially when waking up or switching apps or starting apps) when the...
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    Miui 12 dark theme but white keyboard

    Hello all! I've installed Android 10/MIUI 12 for my Note 7 (lavender) and I'm getting annoyed by dark mode (either on the stock theme or community themes). Dark mode mostly works, but it causes Hacker keyboard to have some white background keys The normal keyboard look is with the white theme...
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    Mounting SMB shares/Disabling mount namespaces

    Hello all! I'd like to mount my Samba share directly on the phone so that it is accessible by various apps. I have a rooted phone, on rom. I managed to mount the share following this guide: The...