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    How good is MIUI backup? Moving Global to

    I consider moving to after all - after finding out that the bootloader unlock takes days, I got a bit grumpy and nearly bought another phone. Now I have the whole phone set up. Will the MIUI Backup save Homescreen setup and the data of apps? I dread reinstalling all banking apps and...
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    Unlocking takes days of waiting!? Is that true?

    Hello. I just ordered a Mi10T Pro, now I see unlocking it will require me to wait DAYS for an unlock code!? Is that true? I did not have that with Mi4 or Mi8. Is that new? I honestly consider cancelling the order. Can anyone advise? Thank you!
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    No Miui V5 for Mi1 and M1s?

    Hello altogether, I would have expected this topic to be widely discussed in the forum, but didn't find anything using the search function. On Xda someone pointed me to this article: The Chinese message quoted indeed...
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    SIM card size M1s?

    My M1s is (finally) on its way, at least I hope so, it was hell difficult to get it. Now I learned that it has a MicroSIM slot. Just that the source is not really reliable and I don't really know what exactly a MicroSIM is. ;) Can anyone tell me if I have to order another SIM from my provider...