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    It Is Possible To Add To Miui "lite Mode" Functionality ?

    Hello. Please answer. It is possible to add the super miui function, named "lite mode". It best solution for older's people and simply use of phone. link: If You want simply used of phone, lite mode is very nice function. Please add this functionality. Best Regards
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    Virgo-rotation And Autobrightness Not Working After Few Hours.

    Hello. I dont no, its global issue or only rom issue. I have Xiaomi mi note (virgo). I reports this bug on site and nothing answers. Maybe is only issue. If I wake up my phone from few hours sleep, rotation not work. The same situation is on autobrightness. This...
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    It Is Possible To Release Tomorrow Stable Version Of Miui 7.1 ?

    Hi. It is possible to release tomorrow multilang version of stable MIUI (7.1) for MI3/MI4 ? Best Regards.
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    Resolved Dear Ingbrzy. Mi3&mipc Suite Not Work After Update.

    Dear Ingbrzy. Please check Your all roms for MI3. After update rom (without wipe) ,phone cannot connect correctly to Xiaomi MI PC suite. All options in MiPCsuite is unvailable (explore phone, send sms, view images, screencast etc.) ( If I run wipe all data, connections...
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    system apps connecting to internet. Can disable it?

    Hello. I have version 4.8.22 of miui. I have installed android firewall. Firewall detected and block system apps. Why system apps connecting to the internet? Example Firewall log: --------- AppID : 10014 App name: SMS Blocked packets: 8 --------- AppID : 10036 App name...
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    LG 4xHD p880 - dialer problem. Possible to smooth miui ? Please answer.

    Heloo. I have question about miui port for this smartphone. If I go to "dialer settings>>>Caller ID". Application Phone has stopped (crashed). The same situation is on dialer setting>>>call waiting. In this moment (FC error) My network (GSM) connection has breake and restart. Log from crash...