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    Fastboot not working - adb working

    Device manager in Windows 10 sees the phone in adb - rebooting to fastboot no phone detected. Tried to scan for hardware changes, disabled driver signature for win 10, changed usb ports, tried 2 other PC:s and one Mac, all the same! Of course I have tried numerous adb drivers, xiaomi usb...
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    New Mi 11 Ultra keeps rebooting from Miui to twrp

    This morning all of a sudden my 11 Ultra started to reboot itself into TWRP recovery. First the screen turns itself on and off several times before rebooting, phone is completely unresponsive during this. Battery % is also fluctuating between 0 and current value. Version is stable 12.5.17. I...
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    Google RCS/chat via messages

    Have anyone got the chat function via Google Messages to work with It t dosen't for me, worked fine on my Samsung S8+...
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    Any disadvantages installing Magisk?

    Tonight is the big night, waited 7 days and 7 nights to unlock bootloader. Coming from a galaxy S8+ running Magisk, are there any disadvantages to have Magisk and root enabled on the Mi?