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    [Suggestion] Music Player UI

    The progress bar UI on the music player is so so tiny I can barely read it. It's really difficult to see the track time & elapsed time. This would be such a simple fix. Keep up the good work guys.
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    1.9.30 Music Player Bug

    The music player is auto-downloading lyrics when that option is turned off. Anyone else has problem? (Moto Defy)
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    How to change notification preference?

    I mistakenly set the default ringtone chooser to the music app. How can i reset this, so when e.g. i want to choose notification sound for email, calander, i can choose from system sounds folder?
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    [1.9.9] MIUI flipclock bug

    I don't think this is a 1.9.9 bug, but a problem with my set up. Suddenly the MIUI flipclock is not showing 24hr time. The system clock and other MIUI clocks are not affected. I'm using Extended Settings and Launcher mods.
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    Improve MIUI Music

    A request to MIUI devs. Please make the track time and time elapsed BIGGER. It's so tiny it's barely readable. I've tried looking for the appropriate file to edit in the music.apk but i can't find it and it seems to be encrypted anyway (can't see anything using Wordpad). If anyone can tell me...
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    [Q] MIUI Email

    Is there a way to refresh all accounts at the same time? It seems to me you have to long-press each account and choose refresh. If you open Combined Inbox and hit refresh it doesn't do anything. And is there a way to 'select all' messages? Bit of a pain to tap every single message to select...
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    [1.9.2] widgets don't update

    This started happening 3 or 4 builds ago, so may be when the homescreen edit mode was changed. Some of my widgets (e.g Note Everything) don't update, others like weather widget still work ok. They update after rebooting. Anyone got the same? (Moto Defy)
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    [1.7.29] cpu manger on Defy not working

    Cpu manager in recovery can't change cpu speed. Runs at 800mhz no matter what.
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    [1.7.29] Access control

    Doesn't work. Many of the system apps don't show in the menu. And some of the apps i hid were still visible.