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    DND force closes

    When ever I try to open DND to change settings it force closes on me I did wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache before install and reboot. Acer Liquid with MIUIandroid 1.7.29
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    backup manual APN

    Could someone point me to where the APN list for manually entered APN's is stored. I would very much like to back it up so I can restore it each time I flash a new ROM. That is once a week so far at the VERY least. Thanks in advance...
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    voice dialing issue 1.7.22

    The voice dialing initiated by bluetooth is not working in 1.7.22 nor did it work for me in 1.7.15. I have to revert to 1.7.8 for it to work properly. Acer Liquid with Jawbone Prime BT Phoenix's ROM 1.7.15 works for BT initiated voice dialing Great looking ROM The work done by MIUI and the...
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    Bluetooth Voice dial not working ver 1.7.15 Acer Liquid

    Bluetooth Voice Dial does not work in 1.7.15 although it worked fine in 1.7.8 1.7.15 is a nice change... hope there is a way to enable the Bluetooth voice dialer