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    Mi 11 eu. rom 13.0.8

    Updated, so far so good. Thx guys Regards Wysłane z mojego M2011K2G przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Charging of MI 11 Venus slow speed

    Hello Gentlemen Since few days i saw that my phone charging very slowly.Xiaomi mi 65 W GaN charger .On the beginning was 35 mins to 100% fm 20 %.Full charge approximetly 52 minutes.Showing on screen ultrafast charging.Original cable.On Accu batteries showing charging 1600mA,but time charging...
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    Notifications sound

    Gentlemen Mi 11, eu rom stable, last. After change sound notification in few apks like gmail, tapatalk, telegram the Phone only vibrate. Trying to set miui sound, not working. Silent… Any advice? Wysłane z mojego M2011K2C przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    TWRP backup mi 11 problem

    Good day gentleman.Mi 11 - TWRP on board (onekey inject) eu.rom last one stable.Trying make full nandroid backup,but failure.I tick all options in TWRP and start backup.Unfortunately with failure.Any advice?Thx for your answers,
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    TWRP not working or what? Advice pls.

    Hello guys. Im in MIUI global 12.0.1.Bootloader ofcourse unlocked. I flashed TWRP version was fine, But i have still stock recovery. Wt….? Any advice? Wysłane z mojego MI MAX 3 przy użyciu Tapatalka