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    Should i flash official miui rom after years of custom

    Hi i was running different aosp roms for around 2 years. Now i want to return to miui and flash Is it recommanded to flash official miui rom via mi flash tool fastboot first to get rid of all the thrash or does already clears up and fresh installs firmware etc similar like...
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    Best version for battery life ?

    Hi guys, i am running android roms like linage, aosp... on my phone for 2 years now, but i never was very happy with battery usage. I think stock was pretty nice and even better in terms of battery consumption, so i decided to come back to miui. Which version do you think is best for battery ...
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    Mi4c bootloop after flashing stable miui 10.1 or miui 9.5

    Hi im coming from xda custom roms, i did a complete wipe included internal storage. Add the zip (libra) and install, after that i reboot and stucking in bootloop. Tested with stable miui 10.1 and 9.5. My twrp version is 3.2.3-0. May i have to flash a newer firmware earlier (did not...