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    Using Zepp/amazfit/mifit with 12.0.2

    I'm running the .eu moded rom on my redmi 9s(curtana) and everything works *reasonably* well, but i cant for the life of my get the ZEPP fit app to run. Before when i had a miband 4(coming from a Zuk Z2) i just ended up selling the thing... But recently i got an amazfit bip s. I deliberately...
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    Cant log into mifit(remi 9s running miui 12.0.2)

    So i removed my mifit app while cleaning up my phone, and decided to re-install it. Problem is i cant seem to log in now. My mifit app is registered to the same mi account that i'm using on my phone(which only exists so i could unlock the bootloader) I open the app, and it tells me to log in. I...